Welcome to Get On My Leve1!

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We update on Mon-Wed-Fri.

My name is Shawn, and I am the primary user behind most of the content you’ll find here!

There will also be a lot of content created with my brother, Jake. We have over a decade in age difference between us, so our opinions tend to clash or come from different perspectives. It adds a nice layer to what we’re doing, with multiple viewpoints for all ages and preferences.

Reviews are the main focus, but instead of the long, drawn-out reviews you’re used to, the focus is on getting to the point. A positive/negative style is the norm, but you’ll also see a few original ideas as well. One is called “Turn-Based Reviews” which are more of a conversation between my brother and myself, that flows with points and counterpoints. The other major thing we’ll be doing is “Two Minute Reviews”. Like the title implies, these will be video reviews that are approximately two minutes in length. Long reviews have become industry standard, and we think it’s time to change things up for those that don’t want the entirety of the game spelled out for them.

Hopefully, you enjoy what you find here!