Like many people trying to figure out what direction to take their content, I hit a massive wall a couple weeks ago. Frustrated by a lack of growth, but mostly with myself, I decided to take a step back and truly think about what I wanted my content to be and how I wanted to present it. I think I’ve finally reached a point where I know exactly what I want to do.

First – This website. My main goal when I made this site was to review games in quick manner, so people could read what they wanted to and then move on. I’ve always hated long reviews, both written and video, because most are either full of spoilers or never get to the point. One thing I failed on is video reviews, because I’ve always had a vision of producing short videos that are engaging, but I had no experience with video editing. That’s still true, but I’ve figured out the basics at the very least. They’ll be right alongside the written reviews from now on.

Second – Streaming has been an interesting journey, and I’ve learned quite a lot about myself by doing it. I’ve struggled with motivation at times, but mostly I’ve had trouble strictly being myself on camera. It’s a lot harder than it seems, and being on camera is something I hadn’t done before. Now that I’m more used to it, I think it’ll be easier to hit the live button. I’ve had some successful moments, and I’ve taken the things that worked and I’m going to be more transparent about my direction going forward. I do not have a PC to stream from, so I’m generally streaming straight from my Xbox. This makes Mixer a much better choice for me, so it’s where I’ll be doing most of my streaming.

Third – YouTube. Struggling with no video experience made YouTube feel impossible, but now that I’ll be uploading video reviews, it’s time to also start uploading some other videos. I’ve had gaming series ideas I’ve wanted to do for some time, and I also want to venture into some TV/Movie stuff and see how it goes. I hope to post my first video in the next week or so.

So, that’s pretty much it. Hopefully you’ll stick with me as I learn how to do a lot of this stuff along the way. I’ll be releasing updates each Monday so people know what content they’ll be getting going forward.

Thanks for reading!


Written by Shawn Ryan

I've been gaming for almost 30 years, with a vast array of knowledge (and Gamerscore) under my belt. I play everything, and tend to find the good even in bad games. There will never be a game better than The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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