Hey! Thanks for reading. Between Twitch, the site, and YouTube(!)… it may be hard to keep up with my content. So here’s what you can expect this week!

  • *NEW* Looks like Super Blood Hockey is releasing on Friday the 7th, so we’ll be diving right into that Friday night!
  • Starting the week with review streams for Devious Dungeon 2 and Team Sonic Racing (maybe Void Bastards if there is time.)
  • Streams for NHL 19 Competitive Seasons and HUT Champs.
  • A backlog stream of either Chroma Squad or Sine Mora EX on the weekend. Will also have other random streams throughout the week.
  • Written reviews for Skelly Selest and Devious Dungeon 2.
  • “April Backlog” YouTube video.
  • Reaction to this weekends E3 press conferences in writing, video next week.
  • Movie reaction/review of Brightburn and Aladdin as well as a couple TV shows coming soon.

It’s a busy week of putting content together, but thankfully not much new is releasing. Hopefully this gives an easy breakdown, and will allow me to keep it less random. For updates on my streams (times/which game) please follow my Twitter – Updates on my next stream will always be there, and I’ll do my best to update my stream titles as well if you’d rather just check there.

I plan on doing some writing about The Walking Dead as well – I’m a huge TWD dork, and with Fear TWD being back on, every two episodes I’d like to do some kind of video about it. TV writing is something that may happen with time, but I don’t normally watch shows live… so we’ll see. Anyways, see ya this week!

*All weekday streams will happen at roughly 2/3PM EST and/or 11PM EST. 11PM is more likely. Again, please check Twitter or my stream title for that info!*


Written by Shawn Ryan

I've been gaming for almost 30 years, with a vast array of knowledge (and Gamerscore) under my belt. I play everything, and tend to find the good even in bad games. There will never be a game better than The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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