Occasionally we’ll be posting quick impressions on games we’ve played in our backlogs. It’ll be a combination of good to bad, three at a time.

Good to Great

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – I wanted to make my way through the entries I’ve missed in the Assassin’s Creed series before Odyssey came out, but I only managed to complete Syndicate. I’m a diehard fan of the games, but had a bit of series fatigue following Unity/Chronicles. I’m mad I waited so long to play Syndicate. It refined the AC formula to a point where I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Evie/Jacob are great protagonists, and I love that they each specialized in different parts of the game. Initially, I hated the rope launcher, because it seemed to eliminate the unique feeling of climbing buildings. However, using both of them in tandem made exploring a lot more fun and I think it’ll be hard to play another of these games without something similar. My only real complaint was that the combat didn’t feel as fluid as it had in the past, and some of the story missions could have been a bit better. Overall, an excellent game even a couple years after release.

Decent to Average

Livelock – Currently a part of Games with Gold, Livelock is a top-down arcade shooter, where you choose from three different starting mechs. They each have unique weapons/abilities, and the game is focused mostly on upgrading said abilities until you gain an advantage over the waves of enemies you face. It doesn’t really get any more interesting than that. It’s separated into three acts, which is way too much. The game drags by the end, to the point I only finished it for the sake of saying I did. It’s unremarkable across the board, but does have online co-op, which makes for a better experience… but not by much.

Don’t Bother

Albert & Otto – A 2D platformer that takes its inspiration from indie titles like Limbo and Monochroma. Well, not quite. It’s much worse than Limbo, but still a better game than the latter. It’s unremarkable in almost every way. It’s only about an hour long, and while I didn’t dislike my time with it… I didn’t really enjoy it either. There aren’t many puzzles to speak of and the best one doesn’t arrive until the final area. It’s a mediocre attempt at the genre.



Written by Shawn Ryan

I've been gaming for almost 30 years, with a vast array of knowledge (and Gamerscore) under my belt. I play everything, and tend to find the good even in bad games. There will never be a game better than The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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