Tetra’s Escape is a 2D puzzle game in which your main objective is to use different shapes, based on tetrominos from Tetris, to guide the grey tetra on each level to the exit portal. Each individual tetra on a level can be made into a different tetromino, with some being able to transform into multiple shapes to make the puzzles a bit more difficult. They can also be rotated and flipped from a base position to add on top of that. Besides simply reaching the end portal, you’ll also need to place shapes in a way that allows you to collect all three stars and a trophy that can be found in each level. Most of the puzzles are pretty simple, but slightly increase in difficulty over the course of the game.


+ The gameplay works as intended and the mechanics are very easy to understand, making this game very accessible for the most part.

+ As the game progresses, the puzzles do throw in new mechanics for you to learn. This keeps them from feeling stale.


The game is boring, to put it nicely. Especially in early levels, where the puzzles are overly simple. They do eventually become challenging, but not until the final worlds.

While the mechanics do work well, the game itself is clunky and slow by design. This makes it occasionally frustrating to try and get pieces where you want them to go.

The soundtrack severely lacks in quality.


Overall, Tetra’s Escape isn’t a bad game. It had an idea that it wanted to accomplish, and it does that successfully. It may not do it perfectly well, but it does it nonetheless. The mechanics work as intended, but sometimes feel clunky once the puzzles become more difficult. The puzzles aren’t great, and the soundtrack is nothing to write home about. However, I did complete the game in one sitting, regardless of how boring it seemed to have been.

Score – 6/10


Shawn’s Second Opinion

There isn’t much to say beyond what’s already been said. Tetra’s Escape does accomplish what it set out to, even if it didn’t aim high. It’s relatively enjoyable, and seems catered to a younger audience who would probably gain a lot more enjoyment from it. None of the puzzles will set you back on valuable time. If you’re looking for a simple puzzle game, or some easy gamerscore, it’s probably worth picking up.


*Reviewer spent 2-3 hours playing through the game, and completing all the worlds.

Achievements/Trophies - There's 21 in total (+1 for platinum on PS4), and are all easy to get while casually playing through the game. Whatever you haven't unlocked after beating the levels can be done in a few minutes in certain spots. Roughly a 2 hour completion.

Written by Jake Lawrence

18 years old with an avid interest in video games and pizza. Younger half of GetOnMyLeve1.

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